Maximizing your wealth means more than just your return on investments and balancing your portfolio. At Selkirk Wealth Advisors, we offer independent, personalized financial advice for people interested in creating, preserving and protecting their wealth.

How we help

The first step is determining your financial needs and long-term goals. We sit down and listen to your story. What are your passions? Tell us about your family. What are your proudest accomplishments? If money were not on your mind, what would we be talking about? Those questions help us understand your values and attitudes toward money management and how we can map out a strategy that fuels your passions.

Then we craft a personal investment policy statement. We sort through the investment options and screen out those that do not match your objectives. We assess your risk comfort and then create a roadmap that takes into account all aspects of your complex financial life: your taxable assets, investments, retirement benefit plans, pensions, inheritance, charitable giving, family values and more. Our investment philosophy involves looking at your long-term goals and monitoring their progress, rather than chasing short-term trends. We compare performance histories, determine your strategic asset allocation and monitor your needs and your money performance on an ongoing basis.

We check in at all the important milestones and make sure you are on track with a plan that suits your very personal needs. Finally, we are always available to guide you through the rough spots to ensure that your money, assets and goals are on track, even when the markets are volatile or you have a change in your personal life.

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Your path. Customized specifically for you.

Our approach to managing your money is tailored specifically to you, your values and your situation. We want to know not just your important financial goals, but also your passions, your dreams and how your view money. Then we create a roadmap based on this input to help you reach your goals and live life on your terms. The Roadmap is a living, breathing document that serves as guideposts on your journey.

Leaving a legacy requires action today.